Female Power Against Ocean Plastic


Scientists, businesswomen, product designers, actresses, entrepreneurs, artists, teachers, sustainability professionals and more, are the ones who form the incredible team of eXXpedition', the all-female organization that has been fighting against ocean plastic since 2014.

Single-use plastics and microplastics are massively polluting our oceans, and the work for cleaning it up is not an easy job.

In 2014 the eco-entrepreneur Emily Penn founded the all-female organization 'eXXpedition' with the idea to create citizen science-based sailing voyages to examine the plastic and toxic pollution in the world's oceans, as well as promoting positive female role models. "There is something unique about taking a passionate group of women to sea. Boundaries are let down as we overcome challenges together. Bonds form fast and last for life." Penny says.

In regards to the voyage history:

"The first voyage set sail with a crew of 14 women in November 2014 across the Atlantic Ocean. Since then, more than 100 women have made 11 voyages. In addition to crossing the Atlantic, eXXpedition crews have sailed along the Norwegian coast; across the South Atlantic from Senegal to Brazil via Ascension Island; from Brazil to Guyana off the coast of South America; the Caribbean, twice; north of the Arctic Circle; the Great Lakes; Great Britain; and the North Pacific gyre." (HowStuffWorks)

Now, the upcoming project is planned to be over two years and 38,000 nautical miles, whee a crew of 300 women will take on 30 challenging voyage legs to sail through the some of the densest ocean plastic accumulation zones on the planet to study plastic pollution on board a world-class expedition sailing vessel S.V. TravelEdge and floating research lab.

Read the complete note here, and get more info about the organization here (maybe you can be part of this amazing story).