DO’S and DON’TS about legalization in Canada



Canada has become, together with Uruguay, the second country in the world to legalize its possession. Although its medical use has been legal since 2011, after the 17th of October of 2018 its purchase and recreational use was finally legalized


To purchase it or buy it you have to be over 19 in all the provinces, to an expedition of Quebec and Alberta, where it's 18.


Canadians are legally allowed to possess 30 grams of dried or the non-dried equivalent and it must be purchased from a provincially-licensed retailer.


The new regulation allows you to have up to four plants at your own home.


One cannot legally drive after smoking or at work. In most cases, you’ll be able to do it in public areas like sidewalks and parks, in private residences and designated rooms in hotels. But if you want to carry your cigarette with discretion you can use our single carrier.

Trips & Travels

If you want to save yourself a lot of trouble you have to be careful, whether you are entering or leaving Canada, it is illegal to have it with you. If you do it you could face criminal charges for it. Also, you can't travel across international borders with it, even if you are going to Colorado or any of the other eight US states where it has been legalized.

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