3 places for snowboarders

Photos: Big White Ski Resort.

Photos: Big White Ski Resort.

Winter is here, at least in the upper west side of the planet, and to celebrate we thought about taking you snowboarding. The thing is, we’re also beginners, we’re just getting started with the sport. And we at Green Jay are informed people, but we don’t want to pretend like we know it all. So, shamelessly and without hesitation we asked our good friends at World Snowboard Guide for the best places in Canada to learn the craft. They responded with quotes and links to their infographic-like articles, read carefully and clickclickclick for extra details:

3.- Lake Louise -

The terrain on offer is spread out over 4 mountain faces and easily competes with major rival Whistler-Blackcomb's, even at half the size it is immense and varied. The sense of being on the edge of a raw, rugged wilderness differentiates Lake Louise from Whistler. The Rockies' scenery is jaw dropping, with intimidating looking sheer, rugged mountains towering all around.”

Additional info → https://www.skilouise.com/

2.- Big White -

The secret of Big White won't last much longer. Most of the mountain is covered in trees with rolling pistes, although never uphill enough to make you walk. Almost every piste is littered with hits, allowing for you to get air numerous times on every descent. The lift system allows the crowd to disperse around the mountain making for crowd-free slopes, even on the busiest of days.

Additional info → http://www.bigwhite.com/

1- Whistler/Blackcomb -

Two monstrous mountains cradle the purpose-built village of Whistler itself, and the year-round population of 10,000 swells to 5 times that during peak season - beware school holidays. Now almost as famous for its amazing mountain biking as its snowboarding (freestyle adrenaline-seekers on summer camps should check out the downhill park!), Whistler is a magical encounter for all ability levels. You really can ride here for years without becoming bored.

Additional info →  https://www.whistlerblackcomb.com/

Photos: Big White Ski Resort.

Photos: Big White Ski Resort.

There it is, a killer guide for a killer individual like yourself. And always remember, following a tuff day of physical activity and high learning, The Single keeps your pre-rolls fresh and in one piece. Take our advice: don’t smoke and drive, but do reward yourself afterwards. You deserve it.

And a big round of applause for the World Snowboard Guide. They deserve it.

Before we go, we have to jump to Finland real quick. I mean, we couldn’t finish (see what we did there?) this article without showing you the best snowboard video of the year according to a panel of experts composed by us at Green Jay. Enjoy “CLOSER” and thank us later:


Diego Chuecos